About me

A young girl who was born in Valencia and living la vida loca in Barcelona’s upper east side since 2010. e-commerce & startups make her sigh like in love young boy who’s going to kiss his girl for first time. Tries to speak in valencian/catalan, spanish, italian & something like japanese

Proud mother of two ferrets who made her the daenerys of ferrets

10 km sportswoman in 40 minutes with the sole purpose of eating like theres no tomorrow

sugar addicted | book gulper | fullbr exigent | broken heart between mountain / beach | being in spain, portugal, andorra, italy, uk, germany, brussels, japan, turkey and eeuu northeast soon | spotter of veronica mars, lost, mr robot, black mirror, orange is the new black, it crowd, orphan black ( 1st season please, like the strain), the office, daredevil, the 4400, once upon a time, criminal minds, californication, …. … and waiting a hogwarts cart to go the to middle earth with my laser sword.