About me

A young it & product & operations project manager for the last 4 years who was born in Valencia and living la vida loca in Barcelona’s upper east side since 2010. e-commerce & startups make her sigh like in love young boy who’s going to kiss his girl for first time. | tries to speak in valencian/catalan, spanish, italian & something like japanese | proud mother of two ferrets who made her the daenerys of ferrets | 10 km sportswoman in 40 minutes with the sole purpose of eating like theres no tomorrow | sugar addicted | book gulper | fullbr exigent | broken heart between mountain / beach | being in spain, portugal, andorra, italy, uk, germany, brussels, japan, turkey and eeuu northeast soon | spotter of veronica mars, lost, mr robot, black mirror, orange is the new black, it crowd, orphan black ( 1st season please, like the strain), the office, daredevil, the 4400, once upon a time, criminal minds, californication, …. … and waiting a hogwarts cart to go the to middle earth with my laser sword.

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